Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Colorado: Part 2 Colorado Springs

The Monday after Beer-ster J flew out to join us on the remainder of our trip.  My parents planned for us to spend Tuesday and Wednesday in Colorado Springs and luckily my brother, M, and his girlfriend H were able to get off of work and join us!

We arrived in Colorado Springs after about a 2 hour drive.  First stop: Air Force Academy!

Could you imagine if this was your college campus?  Absolutely incredible!

Here is the Academy's Chapel, clearly inspired by aviation.  

Behind the Academy..mountains, mountains and more mountains.  Beautiful.

More of the Academy.
 The Chapel is beautiful and impressive on the outside...

 And equally amazing on the interior!  The lighting is all stained glass.

 The pews are inspired by aviation as well!

 Views of the mountains out the windows!

Checking out the statues on campus.

Football Stadium

 Beautiful scenery around Colorado Springs

 Snow on the mountains!

 Garden of the Gods

Mom and Dad had so many interesting stories about Colorado Springs.  Getting to see the Air Force Academy in person and Garden of the Gods was absolutely fantastic!  Sorry about the photo-heavy post. Next time I'll fill you in on our trip to Manitou Springs!

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