Saturday, November 20, 2010

Well Hello Again

Geez, it has been ages since I've posted on here.  I really thought that I would have the time to do more posting on here during my student teaching, but due to planning, coursework and the journal I'm required to keep about my teaching experience I haven't had any time.

I can't believe I'm finished the first placement of my student teaching internship.  It feels like I entered the classroom just the other day.  My time in the second grade was truly amazing.  I have my highs and my lows but ultimately the entire experience showed me how much I would love to be teaching in the younger grades.  The kids are just so amazing and it is just a truly rewarding experience to know that you are really setting up students for future success in school.  My students made me so sad to leave, on my last day they made me this compliment quilt

which is something they do for the star student each week.  They each make a 5x5 piece of paper with a compliment about that person and a picture.  Then we attach them all together to make the quilt.  Here are some of my favorites:


I almost received a handful of pictures and cards before I left from some of my favorite students.  Boy oh boy this is making me miss them right now.

Ah they were such a great group of kids!

Anyway I just finished my first week in the sixth grade and the kids and the classroom environment are totally different.  I'm having a hard time in making the transition from one grade to another.  I don't mind the sixth grade, but I would've rather stayed in the second grade and finished with my class.  Oh well, I can't dwell on it too much.  My first lesson is on Monday and it is weird because teaching one lesson means that I am teaching 4 classes! Yikes!  I'm interested to see whether the students will take to me or not.  Also...instead of having 22 names to remember I now have roughly 120 students whose names I have to remember.  Wish me luck with that.

On a side note, J made us fish and chips last night.  It was sooooo good!! When I was younger you couldn't get me to go near any fish other than salmon.  Fish sticks made me feel sick and I couldn't be near the smell of tartar sauce.  Now, however, my taste buds have clearly changed and I am more than happy to eat or try any type of fish and smother it with tartar sauce.  

Cod was on sale at our local Stop and Shop so we picked some up and right by the fish was McCormicks Beer Batter (which we used beer instead of water in) and yum yum yum....  The fish tasted like it was from a restaurant.  The only flaw to our meal was that we didn't have fries and instead we had actual potato chips which wasn't bad but wasn't great.  Here are some pictures of J's awesome fish.

Nom Nom.  I highly suggest trying making your own fish and chips at home.

p.s. The only bad part about making fish and chips at home is that our apartment still smells like fish today...I've been cleaning to hopefully remove whatever is left of the smell.