Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer of New Things

I'm hoping to making this summer a good one.  I'm only working part time at my job and searching for a fulltime teaching position.  Finding a job for the fall is really starting to worry me.  The one position I thought I'd have a much easier time getting (because I student taught there) was filled, I didn't even get an opportunity to interview there.  I'm really frustrated by that but I can't let it hold me back.

Before J and I moved in with my parents (which is another reason I would like a job ASAP) we talked about making a list of things that we want to do over the course of the summer.  The two of us still haven't made our list, but this is my list:

-Get a job (too obvious?)
-Kayaking (South of my house are a bunch of places we can kayak on rivers)
-Run a 5k
-Run a 10k (maybe more towards the fall though, I'm really not up to pushing myself because last time thats how I hurt myself)
-Hike/Camping (I live in an area with great did I never get into this?)
-Beach days! (Plural pleeease)
-Start making a serious plan for what J and I will do come September if I don't have a job
-Do some sewing (not sure what I want to make but its something I'd like to do)
-Stay after work to sunbathe or swim (I do not want to end the summer pale yet again, I read the sun can help eczema)
-Learn how to jar foods
-Go picking! (strawberry season is basically over, but blue berries and raspberries anyone?)
-Outdoor concert with J
-Trip to NYC
-Post more!  (I really can't seem to keep up on blogging)

There are more that I can't think of right now, perhaps I will edit later on.  Hopefully I'll get to cross many of these off my list!

What do you want to do this summer?