Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Again.

Finally back (hopefully) after a very long hiatus.  Initially when I created this blog I wanted it to be a record of my student teaching and while I posted a handful of times during my student teaching, I never realized how much work up keep of a blog would be.  That has held especially true for me this semester.  My intention was to continuing posting this semester, but between work, school and worrying about finding a teaching position I'm always too exhausted to post.  With my graduation just around the corner (4 weeks from today!) I'm hoping that the extra time I will now have will give me the opportunity to post more.  Be expecting more cooking and job search stories!

Its definitely going to be a peculiar transition in the next couple of weeks.  J and I are moving in with my parents temporarily after I graduate.  The idea is that living with them will give me the opportunity to find a teaching position and give the two of us time to search for an apartment.  Since J's job is close to my parents' house and I'm looking for jobs all over picking out an apartment before I have a job could mean an extremely long commute.  After seeing how tired J is after his current commute (1-1.5 hrs) every day I don't think I could handle that type of a commute for an entire year.  Now we just have to hope I get a teaching position (cross your fingers please!).

Alright now back to the mound of assignments I have due in the next 3 weeks...