Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Colorado: Part 2 Colorado Springs

The Monday after Beer-ster J flew out to join us on the remainder of our trip.  My parents planned for us to spend Tuesday and Wednesday in Colorado Springs and luckily my brother, M, and his girlfriend H were able to get off of work and join us!

We arrived in Colorado Springs after about a 2 hour drive.  First stop: Air Force Academy!

Could you imagine if this was your college campus?  Absolutely incredible!

Here is the Academy's Chapel, clearly inspired by aviation.  

Behind the Academy..mountains, mountains and more mountains.  Beautiful.

More of the Academy.
 The Chapel is beautiful and impressive on the outside...

 And equally amazing on the interior!  The lighting is all stained glass.

 The pews are inspired by aviation as well!

 Views of the mountains out the windows!

Checking out the statues on campus.

Football Stadium

 Beautiful scenery around Colorado Springs

 Snow on the mountains!

 Garden of the Gods

Mom and Dad had so many interesting stories about Colorado Springs.  Getting to see the Air Force Academy in person and Garden of the Gods was absolutely fantastic!  Sorry about the photo-heavy post. Next time I'll fill you in on our trip to Manitou Springs!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Colorado: Part 1, Beer-ster

So much has been going on lately its been hard to keep up with everything.  This past week was my school's spring break and right before we let out for break I was offered the opportunity to teach when we come back!  It is not a full-time gig, but I get to fill in, possibly until the end of the school year.  My nerves and excitement are through the roof!

Luckily I was able to push most of that away for our trip to Colorado!  J and I joined my parents on a trip out to see my brother who lives in Boulder.  J came out two days later than us so he missed out on the Easter celebrations at my brother's place.  My brother and his roommate have put on Beer-ster for a couple of years, a fun Easter celebration for all of their friends who couldn't go home to their families for the Holiday.  However, this celebration was a little less family-friendly event as its name would imply.  There was a mimosa bar, amazing decorations (done by my brother's roommate's girlfriend!), beer bottles decorated with Easter themes, a Easter-beer hunt and many fun games.

Doesn't it look straight out a Martha Stewart project?

Homemade pinwheels
Yes that is a pony!
Playing cornhole
I will fill you in on the rest of our Colorado trip next time!

Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY: Fun Holiday Crayons

With the Easter boxes sent to some really special little ones, I'm ready to share some fun DIY gifts that we sent their way.

The first of which is DIY crayons.  I'm pretty sure these are meant to be made with your leftover crayons that have broken into nibs, but with no crayons in the apart and a desire to make these I bought a brand new bow just for this project.  I first saw this idea on this blog, and thought it was such a cute idea to do one day with kids. Since J and I know some little ones who are just starting to use crayons and decided they would be fun to send in our Easter boxes to them.

I went off searching for the perfect mold to use to make the crayons.  I went to one of our local craft stores and found only hearts and stars.  I had decided on the stars until I couldn't fin many of the other items I was looking for other projects.  I put down the mold and headed to another craft store where I found these awesome egg molds!  While not very cost effective at $9.99 and being for a specific time of year, they were too adorable to pass up.  Plus, since the little ones are still so little I can make them for years to come.

What you'll need:

  • A silicon mold
  • Box of crayons (Mine allowed me to fill the mold twice) or leftover crayons
  • Knife
  • Bowl or trash can (for the crayon wrappers)
What you need to do:
  • Preheat your oven to 200.

  • Unwrap all of the crayons that you plan on using. Cutting down the edge of the crayon with a knife will help make it easier to remove the wrappers.
  • Break the crayons into pieces and disperse them among the different parts of the silicon mold.  (Try to avoid putting too many dark colors together because your egg with come out almost black).
  • Put the mold on top of a cookie sheet and put into the oven.  Leave in the oven until it looks like all of the crayons have melted 10-15minutes.

  • Remove the silicon mold from the oven and place somewhere to cool such as the stovetop or cooling rack.  For a quicker set you can put the mold in the fridge or freezer, but it doesn't take too long for the crayons to set outside of the fridge. (about an hour)
  • Once the crayons are cooled pop them out of the mold.

  • Repeat until you have used all of the crayons that you want to use.
This is such an easy little project.  J and I had fun making them and waiting to see what the crayons would look like when they cooled down.

The possibility of crayon combinations is endless!  Have fun making your own creations!