Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I know every year most people make New Years Resolutions.  Even if they don't write them down, I think everyone makes some sort of mental list they'd like to accomplish.

This year I decided to make a list of projects I'd like to accomplish (although I'll probably be making a mental list of other resolutions as well!).

New Years To Do List
  1. Get Our Grocery Bil Down.  While I don't think ours is outrageous and we've been shopping sales better, I'd still like to get our bill down by $10-$15.
  2. Decorate Our Apartment Walls.  I'm waiting on this especially because I'd like to use some of our trip pictures to decorate.
  3. Hide a Bookcase.   I love this idea and want to do it to our small bookcase that houes books, games, and water bottles.  I would love to do this with the two large bookcases and mirror in the middle, but we don't really need to spend the money to buy these things.
  4. Curtains.  Our current set up is quite the eyesore with sheets for curtains!!  I would like to do something like this or this (the 3rd picture down).  In our bedroom I'm not sure what I'd like to do yet.  We only have one small window and I don't want to overdo anything with the window.
  5. Pillows.  Our new couch arrived today! Well 2/3rds of it anyway.  The couch is a solid chocolate brown and I'd like to make a couple of throw pillows to help the couch pop and add some color to the room.  I think I'm going to go for a Chocolate brown, beige, and coral color scheme.
  6. Entryway Table.  J and I have both been complaining about not having something right near the door to throw our keys in and our shoes under (because I keep tripping over the few pairs that get left out, the rest are on a shoe rack in our closet).  
  7. Porch Furniture.  We have a small porch at our apartment and I'd like to get some use out of it because we barely used (mostly because of the lack of furniture to sit on).  I will be searching for cheap but nice porch furniture.
  8. Have a dinner party. J and I have both been waiting to have our friends over for a housewarming party since our place still doesn't look the way we want it to.  However, the couch finally arriving definitely helps because it instantly adds way more seating then we had before.
  9. Organization. Currently there are two places I'm dying to fix.  Our one closet has become a dumping ground for sports equipment, items in boxes that we don't need out and everything else under the sun.  It looks terrible.  I'd really like to figure out a way to organize it.  The other spot is the table in front of our couch.  By the end of the week every week it is completely covered in papers, keys, controllers, etc.  Let the reading of blogs like this for ideas begin!
  10. Canning/Freezing.  I'd really like to learn how to can things this year and freeze foods so that we have fresh food stored instead of having to buy frozen dinners/vegetables that are usually filled with fillers I can't even .  First though I need to decide whether there are enough foods that I'd want canned.  Also, I want to know how long I can freeze foods before they expire.  I'd like for J and I to waste less food and be able to eat a little healthier.
Have you made resolutions for the new year yet?  

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