Friday, December 9, 2011

New York, New York

This past weekend the girls and I went to NYC for our second annual Christmas trip.  Last year we decided to go to NY instead of exchanging Christmas gifts.  Living pretty close to the city for the past six years, I've made many trips and find I know my way pretty well.  If I don't, I know the easiest and quickest ways to figure out how to get where I want to go (i.e.

Since the girls had never seen the tree, last year it was a mandatory stop.  This year we did a lot of what we did last year.  Canal Street and Soho for some Christmas shopping then we had lunch in Little Italy. The food was delizioso; I had ravioli and G, K & K all had gnocchi...mmm I'm hungry just thinking about it again.  We then met up with G's friend from college and headed up to Bryant Park.

Bryant Park is probably most famous for fashion week, but going during the fall/Christmas season is my absolute favorite time to go there.  If you haven't been before, Bryant Park is filled with temporary Christmas Shops, a Christmas tree and ice skating rink.  There is something so pleasant about the whole thing despite the massive crowds.

After that we went to Rockefeller Center to see the tree there and the light show on the Saks Fifth Avenue building.  Here is where the crowd can be so outrageously overwhelming, but if you go in knowing it will be that way (and without small children) it will be easier to stay calm and relaxed.

Finally on our way back to Penn Station we saw the window displays at both Lord and Taylor and Macy's.  Both were really interesting this year an I loved the shapes and lines of all the displays.

The train ride home was tiring because we got stuck next to four kids whose parents did not care that they were being loud and bothersome, but one of us still managed to fall asleep.

Overall a pretty fantastic day in the city, can you tell I was having fun with my camera all day?  Is there anything you do with friends or family every year for/before the holiday season?  Or do you plan on starting any new traditions this year?

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