Monday, December 5, 2011

New Scarf: Lace Hearts

After making the scarf for my mom I went right into making another scarf.  Once again I used yarn remaining from the blanket I made for J’s nephew (Simply Soft Plum Wine).  The pattern I used can be found here.  However, I adjusted this pattern to my own liking.

First, I did not have the size needles that the pattern called for which does not bother me with scarves (I usually do not gauge at all for scarves), so I used size US 6 needles.  Second, the pattern calls for repeating the centers part 3 times, but I only repeated the pattern twice, creating three hearts as opposed to four hearts per row.

Combining these things made my scarf very wide, however, because I was using the remaining yarn from a previous project and the scarf was really wide, it was not nearly as long as I would’ve liked.  In fact, it was too short to be a regular scarf and I did NOT want to go out and buy more yarn. I decided to bind off leaving about a ½ yard of yarn at the end.  Then I decided to experiment with making an infinity scarf so I grabbed a needle, threaded the remaining thread, an attempted to sew the ends together.

Not too shabby!

However, in my opinion, the scarf does not look as nice as an infinity scarf and it is a little tight for an infinity scarf, but is still completely wearable.

What do you think?  Would you wear this scarf?

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