Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping from the Weekend to Midweek

Happy Leap Day everyone!  I hope your extra day of the year is treating you well.  The weather here isn’t that pleasant, raining and gloomy.  We’re expected to get nearly 1.5 inches of rain today!   It has me wishing that we were back to last weekend, despite the high winds.  I’ll take wind over rain any day!

Over the weekend J and I wanted to take advantage of both of us having the day off from work.  We decided to take a day trip into Philadelphia, but didn’t know what to do.  We knew it was going to be windy so we decided to find somewhere we could be indoors for a while.  Initially we were going to head over to the Franklin Institute for their dinosaur exhibit, but after looking at the prices to go (there were separate costs to enter the museum and then the exhibit!) we decided that it was too expensive.  So we opted to a less educational spot and off to IKEA we went!

We left the apartment to a crazy flurry!  It was awesome, but then half-way down the street it became misting and then all of a sudden it was all gone!

J and I had fun walking through and thinking of ideas for our house one day.  I could spend all day in IKEA if you let me!  Unfortunately for us the store was in transition with their winter and spring displays so there were a lot of empty areas, which are usually filled with fun goodies.  We ended up purchasing a set of wine glasses (only $4.99 for 6), 2 wooden cutting boards, and a bookcase/table to put in our entryway.

Our stomachs were rumbling as we left the store so we ventured over to Reading Terminal Market to get some lunch and see if there were any yummy goodies to bring home with us.  After walking around for a bit J and I ended up getting cheese steaks (his steak and mine chicken) at By Georges.  They were delicious, not overly greasy and just the right amount of cheese.  We both only managed to eat half of our meals and brought the rest home with us (we later decided to just eat our leftovers for dinner instead of cooking).

Afterwards we walked around deciding if we wanted to purchase some seafood, meat, or fresh produce home with us.  This market has the biggest shrimp J and I have ever seen!  In the end we did not bring any groceries home with us, but stopped for ice cream on our way out.  We bought ice cream at Bassetts: J had a creamsicle shake and I had a grasshopper shake.  MMmm.

After arriving home J and I decided to go right into putting our new entryway table together.  The piece did unfortunately have a couple nicks here or there, but we managed to piece it together so that those edges would be against the wall.  Now all we need is better wall décor and a basket to throw our keys in.

In the end we hadn’t really done much over the course of the day, but it felt like the perfect Saturday.

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