Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was a blast enough though I didn't get many things done around the apartment!  Saturday morning  J, my parents, and I had breakfast at a restaurant buffet in a few towns over expecting to eat something delicious only to be pretty disappointed in our meal.  The only food I really loved was banana bread french toast.  It was so good and because of all the flavor in the banana bread no syrup was necessary.  However, we've definitely decided it is is better to hit up one of the many delicious NJ diners for breakfast next time.

Onward we went to the Philly Auto Show.  We met up with my aunt and uncle who also happened to be at the show.  It was fun looking at all of the new models even though J has a relatively new car and I cannot afford a new car right now (my little car is going on 11 years this year!).  There were some really awesome old fashioned cars there and some trucks that J and I would consider if we were actually in the market to buy.

Afterwards we went to Reading Terminal Market to walk around.  We picked the worst time ever, however, because the place was packed with people trying to get some lunch.  On our way out we stopped at Bassetts for some ice cream, but since I still wasn't feeling all that great from being sick all week I only got a water.

On Sunday J had to work until close to game time.  My mom picked me up from my apartment and we headed home to spend the afternoon making pierogis.   For those of you who don't know, I'm half Polish and grew up on these delicious potato and cheese filled dumplings.  My mom, dad and I each taste tested one because we tried a new recipe for the dough, but also made a couple batches of my Babci's (polish for grandma) recipe.  While we cooked, the crockpot was cooking up my dad's delicious stew and the dogs were hanging around hoping for scraps.

Another day I will share this recipe with all of you.  It is a pretty simple process of making the dough and filling then creating a shell with the dough and filling it.  You seal the edges shut and boil the pierogis until they float to the top of the pot.  You can either fry them up to eat right then or put them in the freezer to eat later. We made a lot to freeze for later use.

When we were finished it was just about game time and J had finally arrived from work.  We sat down to eat and a lovely cold cat decided she wanted to curl up next to me for some warmth.  When the game was over the cat was not happy that I had to get up to head home.

Monday night J and I enjoyed our first batch of pierogis with grilled pierogis and asparagus.  They were delicious!!

Hope all of you had a great weekend and beginning to your week.  I'm happy we've hit the halfway point, but I still have so much to accomplish this week.

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