Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Arts & Crafts

So this weekend was spent recuperating from the aforementioned never ending week.  Since J unfortunately had to work the whole weekend I thought I'd get some chores done.  Finishing the laundry was the furthest I got before boredom completely took over.

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J and I have been trying to save money grocery shopping, so we shop the circular, only buying certain things when they are on sale (i.e. Chobani yogurt, certain fruits, etc).  I grabbed our stack of shops' circulars and looked for the Shoprite one to start circling what we should get for the week, only to come across one for A.C. Moore first.  Like I talked about in my last post, the Wall Art Project from the New Domestic is a project I'd like to complete, but I was waiting until my next paycheck to purchase supplies.  Well, the supplies were on sale at A.C.Moore and canvases were half off so I decided to go ahead and get started on this project.

I may have gone overboard with the supplies I purchased (from Michaels as well), but I spent the rest of the weekend happily crafting and having a nice relaxing weekend.  I can't tell you how ecstatic I am with the results.  The two pieces of wall art I ultimately ended up making cost me under $30 and I used the remaining paint to create a couple other items for the apartment which were about $3-7 to make each.  Not too bad!

Later in the week I'll post a How-To on creating the wall art and containers that I made over the weekend.  Right now I've got to get some things done that I put off all weekend and then head to work!

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