Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dulche De Leche Cupcakes

It has been a very busy past few weeks so I apologize for the lack of posts.  Soon I'll be sharing with you two of my favorite projects so far!  Both are in their final stages and I can't wait for them to be done.

Here is a small list of what has been going on recently:

  • Went to my cousin's wedding with my Gma. What a fantastic celebration!
  • Wrapping up the marking period at school. (I get a whole new group in one of my classes come Monday!)
  • Celebrated my 25th birthday last Friday
  • Watching some pretty awful and great college football games, including an incredible Rutgers win Saturday
  • Worked on some fun projects, J says I'm becoming an old lady, but I disagree
  • J and I are moving into our new place next Friday!
Since I don't have my projects to share with you, here is a recipe review for you.  I made cupcakes for G's birthday a little while back.  I came across this recipe at The Way the Cooke Crumbles.  I followed the recipe exactly so please check out the link above for the recipe.

I made the cupcakes the night before and the icing the day of so I can't tell you how well the icing help up over night.  What I can tell you was that I was disappointed in the cupcakes themselves, they were more bitter and dry than I was expecting.  On the other hand, the icing was DELICIOUS!  Airy and not too sweet, the perfect frosting for me (because I'm not a huge fan of super sweet, thick icing).  The icing belongs with a cupcake that is sweeter than this cupcake, but not ridiculously sweet.  The cupcake was good in theory but had a bitter after taste that was not pleasant.

The girls enjoyed the cupcakes and were impressed that I made all of it from scratch instead of a box.  I wish I understood baking a little bit better so I could giure out how to make these cupcakes the way I'd like them to be.  Overall, I highly recommend this frosting recipe, but the cupcake recipe you can skip if you have a better recipe for a caramel/dulche de leche cupcake.

I have a four day weekend from work his week because of the Teacher's Convention in AC so hopefully I will finish my projects and post them for you!

Happy Cupcake-making!

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