Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Yarn Wreath

I don't know how many of you are like this, but wandering the interwebs can be such a bad things for a girl like me.  I love crafting and when I come across something I like, that I think I could do, it gets bookmarked until a day when I have the time and resources to complete whatever it is.

This is exactly what happened when I came across this, thisthis, and this.  Since J and I are moving soon I want to have things to decorate our apartment with.  My favorite of these wreathes is the fourth link, the fall colored wreath.  However, by the time we move into our apartment, Fall will almost be over and we already have a cute Fall door decoration.  Thus I decided to go for a Christmas themed wreath.

I apologize for not taking pictures of my supplies before beginning, but I was so excited to start it!
Here are the supplies you need for this project:

  • A foam wreath (mine was 12")
  • Yarn (Whatever colors you choose)
  • Any cute embellishments
  • A hot glue gun or some other form of glue to make sure your knots do not come undone
These were my materials minus the foam wreath.

This project is not hard, but it is time consuming.

I highly suggest you mark off on your wreath where you want each color of yarn to go (this is especially good to do if you have a particular pattern in mind or want it to be even).  Then start with your first color and tie it to the wreath (you could use hot glue here too, but I chose not to use it until I was entirely done).  Tie off each color the same way you tied it on, make sure you are tying and winding the yarn TIGHTLY, otherwise it will unwind!
Almost done here, just to show you the front and back.

When I finished I tied all of the ends as tight as possible and then trimmed the ends.  Then I went over all of the knots with hot glue and the ends as well so I could hide them (this way you can't see them from the front).

Let all of your hot glue dry before moving onto the next step unless you want to be like me and burn your fingers.  Next you'll want to pick where you want to hang your wreath from and decide where is the best spot to place your embellishments.  If you purchase embellishments like the ones I did, use the foam to your advantage and place it right through (I had to move mine around several times before picking the perfect spot).
Bend the ends back (and if you can, back into the foam), and hot glue the ends (this is to keep it in place and so it won't scratch your walls/door).  I also used hot glue on the front where I put my embellishments in as well for extra support (so they hopefully won't droop over time).  Let the hot glue dry.

Then you can hang your wreath however you like.  I made a makeshift hook using yarn I had by cutting a piece of yarn, knotting it and looping it around the wreath.

Here it is hung on the wall (although just temporarily because we won't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving!).  I apologize the picture isn't the greatest.

If you make your own yarn wreath send a picture or post it in the comments! I'd love to see how do this project and what ideas you come up with!!

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