Saturday, October 1, 2011

Signs of Fall

Today was the first day that has really felt like Fall.  Sure we've had some cooler days and cool mornings, but most of the time its followed by humidity in the afternoon or an almost 90 degree day.  The forecast this week says we won't reach 70 all week.

It is my favorite season despite its unpredictable nature.  Perhaps it is because I've lived in a forested town for most of my life and I love when the leaves start to change, or that I hate 97 degree days that make me feel like I'm melting in the summer.  All I know is I will be happy to go through my boxes of warmer clothes and scarves this weekend (not winter ones yet though!) and begin changing my closet to fit the season change.

Along with the changing season comes the use of some of my favorite foods: squash, pumpkin, etc.  I've already been making Fall recipes the past few weeks so that I've got our favorites tweaked and ready to make for the cooler weather.  Look for recipes and pictures of what I've been making in the following week (hopefully!).

Since I haven't posted anything since June I'm just going to summarize what the rest of the summer was like.  I was asked to fill in as a manager at my summer job, so I was able to get more hours in at work and was able to save some money living at home over the summer.  J worked a lot too and got our trip to Italy all figured out (I'm counting down the days!).  While I stressed out about getting a job all summer, I did manage to get a job at the end of August, but unfortunately not as a teacher.  As a teaching assistant I'm enjoying being in a school and am learning something new each day, but it is definitely not the same as having my own classroom.

Also, we managed to get many of the things on our summer list accomplished and then some:

-Get a job  (Woo!)
-Kayaking (This was a blast!  We went for three hours and we were both EXHAUSTED afterwards!)

-Run a 5k
-Run a 10k
-Beach days!  (We went down for the 4th of July, my mom's birthday and many other days throughout the summer!)

-Start making a serious plan for what J and I will do come September if I don't have a job
 (Now that I have a job we've been spending a lot of time looking for apartments and I think we've found one!)
-Do some sewing   (I started a project, but its not done soon)

-Stay after work to sunbathe or swim  (I did not swim afterwork, but I did lay out and unfortunately I'm still extremely pale, oh well)
-Learn how to jar foods
-Go picking! (Mom and I picked blueberries...mmm. J and I might go apple picking soon)

-Outdoor concert with J (I didn't go to an outdoor concert but the girls and I did go see Katy Perry)
-Trip to NYC
-Post more! 

One of the most exciting things we did this summer, well that J did, is skydiving!  He and one of my best friends, G, are both into things like this so I suggested they should go together since I don't think I will ever be able to jump out of a plane.  My mom and I watched as they jumped and came safely to the ground.  Definitely an unforgettable experience for both of them!

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