Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears...oh my!

Today was one of those awesome days where J and I both have off from work, me a long weekend from school and J the first day off in almost a week.  The weather was PERFECT, not too hot, not too cool and a perfect end of the summer breeze.  Can you guess how we decided to spend it?  I'll give you one guess...
That's my name right there...sssssee?
Okay maybe one more guess...
I'm a year old but I'm still itsy bitsy.
Okay if you haven't figured it out, we went to the zoo!  I haven't been the Philadelphia Zoo since my cousins were little if not longer...they are both still relatively little @ 13 and 15 (i think...ha ha such a bad cousin here).  And let me tell you, being at the zoo I reverted to my 7 year old self...I couldn't wait to see the 3 month old giraffe and the elephants (which are sadly no longer at the zoo due to their inability to raise funding to create a larger and more updated habitat).

Even though J and I have been together for almost 4 years, it is one of the places that I went to as a child that I've never taken him to (along with the Camden Aquarium).  There are still so many places that I have yet to take him.  Its also fun when we go visit his family in California and he's the one showing me around.  It is one of the things I love most about our relationship, that he's from one coast and I'm from another, we get to do so many new and exciting things.

Anyway...back to the zoo. There were so many awesome exhibits that looked to be new and revamped.  Currently there is a Lego exhibit going on that is kind of cool (although I'd prefer to see real animals if I'm going to be at the zoo) where near a dozen or so animal exhibits there would be a Lego creation of the animal. Pretty nifty.
It took 1,100 hours to make.

Also, there were so many baby animals: orangutan, giraffe, turtles, kangaroo, and many more that we weren't even able to see because they were that new to the zoo.  You can't help but be in awe of the adorableness of these babies. 
This little one is around 3 months old.
I highly recommend taking a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo if you have the opportunity or live in the area.  Even on a crowded day like today (believe me with the nice weather and it being Labor Day Weekend there was a pretty large crowd), the zoo never felt overwhelming and it was a nice relaxing stroll.  I can't wait to take my own kids there one day...

Later Gators!

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